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Big Blue Trash Removal

Free Estimates! Best prices! Fully Insured!

Let Us Do The Dirty Work!

We are a dedicated and hardworking team that will get rid of any junk you have lying around. BIG BLUE Removal caters to residential and commercial customers. Our local business proudly serves Southeastern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island.  


Free Estimates! Best prices! Fully Insured!

Hoarding Help

Hoarding is a compulsive disorder that can take a toll on the suffering as well as his or her loved ones. Addressing the issue requires patience and understanding. While hoarding can take many forms, resulting in an unlivable environment of a variety of collected terms, the solution will always require a  professional junk team.

Our team has encountered many hoarding situations and has the experience to get the job done efficiently while sensitive to the needs of everyone included.

A New Beginning

With an experienced company, hoarding clean up will go smoothly and efficiently. Hoarding cleanup not only entails clutter upon up, but the recovery of all the items in the home that are still useful, valuable, and sentimental. ​

In a hoarding situation, the amount of stuff may appear overwhelming. Rest assured, no matter how much stuff there is, we can handle it. We know the healing can only begin after the home is cleaned. Often times we are able to preform the estimate and completely clear the house within a few days of your initial call.